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      We exist to dramatically change
      people’s lives for the better, naturally.


      Our Vision

      We believe nature is a rich energy source that can offer superior human performance. It just requires science to discover and understand it.



      Plant & Food Research has been studying the exercise benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants for the past ten years.
      Plant & Food Research is New Zealand’s largest research institute providing research and innovation to ensure the sustainable growth of the plant and marine-based food industries. With over 1,000 people based at 14 sites across New Zealand, as well as offices in the USA and Australia, Plant & Food Research has 700 researchers who published more than 380 peer reviewed publications last year. 2before™ blackcurrant powder is produced and marketed by 2before Performance Nutrition Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of Plant & Food Research. 

      Our Team

      The Researcher:

      Dr Roger Hurst has had a long biomedical career in the UK and Canada before moving to New Zealand to investigate bioactives from plants with Plant & Food Research. Through several proprietary in-vitro screening assays for bioactivity, New Zealand sourced blackcurrants continually showed their effectiveness and potential. Roger's earlier research was focused on synthetic pharmaceutical drug discovery, so the magnitude and diversity of the effects of blackcurrants was a real breakthrough. Through 10+ years of painstaking science, Roger and his team have pioneered the discovery of the unique benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants for sports performance and recovery in in-vitro and intervention studies. Over this time, Roger and the team have discovered and revealed the science that underpins the unique functionality of 2Before™ blackcurrant powder. Dr Roger Hurst is the Chief Science Advisor for 2Before Performance Nutrition and is a Principal Scientist at Plant & Food Research.



      The Commercial Guy:

      Brendan Vercoe has spent his entire career in the food industry and is especially interested in health & nutrition. Tired of products that made outsized claims while adding inadequate amounts of active ingredients, Brendan is on a mission to shorten the supply chain from farmers to consumers so that effective doses of natural bioactives can be sold to consumers at reasonable prices. His first commercialization project at Plant & Food Research, was to develop and launch an appetite suppressant product using the Amarasate® ingredient from New Zealand hops. Brendan has worked on New Zealand blackcurrants with Roger and the rest of the Plant & Food Research team for the past 2 years. The focus has been turning the depth of science into a consumer product focused on elite athletes, the result being 2before™ blackcurrant powder. Brendan Vercoe is Chief Executive Officer for 2before Performance Nutrition and is a Commercial Development Manager at Plant & Food Research.


      The Sports Dietitian:

      Dane Baker is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian who has worked extensively with New Zealand’s leading teams and sporting organizations over the past 10 years. Preferentially, Dane follows food first principles for his athletes but also understands the physical toll that the level and intensity of modern training can have on his athletes. Therefore during his time as a sports dietitian, Dane has been interested in supplementation with natural bioactives and one area of particular interest has been natural polyphenols. As the scientific evidence on the sports recovery benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants grew, Dane started using and recommending anthocyanins from New Zealand blackcurrants to his athletes. Preferentially his athletes would get their polyphenols from fresh berries but the fact is he wants to provide standardized, efficacious doses of the best polyphenols in convenient formats that increases compliance with his athletes. He also knows that the science is showing that nutrient timing is critically important, so Dane likes the shot format of blackcurrant powder, which works for his athletes and teams. Dane Baker is Head Sports Dietitian for 2before Performance Nutrition while still working with elite Olympic athletes and professional rugby players.