At 2before, we’re on a mission to make exercise more accessible. Created by real people and backed by real research,
we want to leverage powerful natural resources to make exercise easier and more enjoyable for athletes of every level

Our vision

2before was designed with you in mind. Our products are created by real people and backed by real research, and the latest research is changing what we thought we knew about exercise. It turns out, antioxidants aren’t as beneficial as we thought.

By putting science first, we’re creating a supplement that helps you get the most out of your cardiovascular exercise. With prooxidants and the right levels of antioxidants, 2before is delivering optimal outcomes for people of all fitness levels

Why 2before?

With 2before, get the extra motivation you need to improve performance by roughly 4.6% — that 4.6% improvement translates into you going further, going faster, and going again and again.

Who we are

Made with unique New Zealand blackcurrants, 2before delivers a clean and simple yet powerful supplement that enhances athletic performance.

The 2Before

Plant & Food Research, New Zealand’s largest research institute focusing on plant and marine-based food industries,
has been studying the exercise benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants for over 10 years. Thanks to this rigorous science-led approach, we know that Adaptive™ New Zealand blackcurrants have a one-of-a-kind mix of anthocyanins that shifts your redox balance, manages oxidative stress, and speeds up recovery.

Clinical studies suggest that the 120mg of anthocyanins contained within this powerful berry provides athletes with both performance improvement and recovery benefits along with blood flow improvement and activation of the body’s own inherent antioxidant, inflammation, and immune defense systems.

At 2before, our full product line is backed by science, and we’ve harnessed the power of these potent berries to create a powerful pre-workout product that helps you optimize your training and exceed your fitness goals.

Meet The Team


    Dr. Roger Hurst


    Brendan Vercoe


    Dane Baker

Dr. Roger Hurst

Dr. Roger Hurst is the Chief Science Advisor for 2before Performance Nutrition and is a Principal Scientist at
Plant & Food Research. After an esteemed biomedical career in the United Kingdom and Canada, Hurst joined Plant & Food Research to investigate bioactives from plants in New Zealand. In his research, New Zealand
sourced blackcurrants continually showed their effectiveness and potential. Through over 10 years of diligent science, Hurst and his team have discovered the unique benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants for sports
performance and recovery in in-vitro and intervention studies. This science, in turn, is the foundation upon which the 2before™ blackcurrant powder is built.

Brendan Vercoe

Brendan Vercoe is Chief Executive Officer for 2before Performance Nutrition. After spending his entire career in the food industry, Vercoe pivoted to merge his professional career with this passion for health and nutrition.
He initially worked with Dr. Hurst and the rest of the Plant & Food Research team to turn New Zealand blackcurrants into a consumer product designed for elite athletes. Now the team is working to take the
benefits of Adaptive™ New Zealand blackcurrants to all fitness enthusiasts.

Dane Baker

Dane Baker is Head Sports Dietitian for 2before Performance Nutrition and a New Zealand Registered Dietitian
who has worked with elite Olympic athletes and professional rugby players for over 10 years. He understands
first hand the physical toll that modern training can have on his athletes. As the scientific evidence on the sports
recovery benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants grew, he started using and recommending anthocyanins to his athletes. His goal is to provide standardized, efficacious doses of the best polyphenols that increases
compliance with his athletes. 2before Performance Pre-workout makes it possible.